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About Us

At our core, we are an organization about people. From the clients and employers that we work with to the amazing people who work here, from our tireless community partners to our generous funders, we are dedicated to building genuine and collaborative relationships that support meaningful work for everyone.

Our Mission.

Fostering Well-being for All by Opening Doors to Sustainable and Meaningful Employment.

Our Vision.

A world where all people have access to opportunities that give them purpose, prosperity, and belonging.

Our Values.

A customer’s entire journey with ODG, is considered and met with a high standard of quality and care.
Every department. Every position.

We optimize our efforts by using impact as a guiding principle.
We understand that being accountable in matching our actions to our words will have the greatest impact.

To sustainably deliver on our mission, we must constantly examine and evolve.
As a service provider and as an employer.

Our Guiding Principles.

All individuals bring value and have the ability to succeed.
We are stronger together as a diverse team.
We recognize what our core competencies are and build partnerships to fill in the gaps.

We use data and evidence to plan, make decisions, and support ongoing learning and improvements.
We include input from the people impacted by our efforts.

We acknowledge the courage it takes to show up, to give and receive feedback, to be vulnerable and grow.


Our Story.

Our story starts in 1976, when a small group of dedicated volunteers in Vancouver began offering woodworking and sewing workshops to individuals living with disabilities. At the time, all they had was passion and the belief that everyone wants to — and can — participate in their community through meaningful work.

Today, we continue to operate on the fundamental belief that all individuals have the ability to succeed, and our commitment is stronger than ever.

Open Door Group is a CARF-accredited, not-for-profit organization and registered charity providing employment services to thousands of individuals a year across Canada. We work with all individuals who are interested in preparing for, finding, and keeping meaningful employment.

In addition to employment services, we provide unique support programs for individuals living with mental illness in Vancouver and Kamloops.

At our core, Open Door Group remains an organization about people and relationships.

Within the communities we serve, you will find us connecting with clients, families, the business community, other service providers, and all levels of government. We are proud to have strong, collaborative partnerships with hundreds of service organizations and thousands of businesses in order to connect job seekers with meaningful work and help hiring employers tap into untapped talent pools.

Contact us today or join our team to discover how we can partner with you in your success.


Our Code of Ethics & Conduct

We, the Board of Directors and employees of Open Door Group, are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct that reflect:

Belief and Commitment in the organization’s Mission and Vision of supporting all individuals to succeed in achieving their economic and personal success.

Respect and compassion for all individuals including:

  • Understanding and being sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Treating every person with respect and compassion.
  • Respecting the dignity, diversity, and human rights of all individuals

Personal and Professional Integrity including:

  • Practicing the highest standards of honesty and integrity
  • Recognizing professional boundaries, limitations, and competencies
  • Representing themselves, their qualifications, and their experiences accurately.
  • Avoiding Conflict of Interests.
  • Protecting confidential information and sharing only when legally obligated.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Acting in such a way to maintain Open Door Group’s trust.


  • Continually seeking to improve the quality of programs and services to ODG customers.
  • Acquiring, preserving, and sharing knowledge and information as appropriate.
  • Being accountable to our customers for achieving timely and effective results.

Teamwork including

  • Fostering a working environment that promotes teamwork, learning and innovation.
  • Continually seeking to improve one’s own professional growth and development.


Our Strategic Plan.

We are passionate about our work, and continually strive to improve our programs and operations. To learn more about our vision for the future of the organization, download our Strategic Plan (2023-2028)