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Jackie’s Story

Nov 30, 2020 | 2021, Client Spotlight, Squamish, WorkBC

Jackie* had a long term role in the city and had moved to a smaller town that would require a long commute. She found it challenging to find an equivalent job close to her new home. Jackie came to WorkBC Squamish looking for assistance with her job search and to explore training opportunities in a new industry. She received support and guidance in her job search strategy, from learning how to optimize her resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to improving her interview skills. In addition, Jackie’s employment advisor helped her learn the value of the skillset she possessed that could transfer to other industries. Furthermore, she learned the value of confidence and marketing oneself. Once Jackie began her job search with a new strategy under her belt, she found greater success than she thought possible.

*name changed
This role is exactly where I want my career to go… I truly could not have attained this position if it wasn’t for all of the support and training I received from you and the WorkBC team (there were over 200 applicants!). You have given me the required tools to prepare a cover letter and resume that gets noticed and confidence in explaining who I am and why I should be hired in the interviews. Also, I had the confidence going in to successfully negotiate a higher salary! I think there is a misconception that the WorkBC programs are only for “blue-collar” type positions. It needs to be better known that your program is for everyone.