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Client Information

Our Commitment to Clients

  1. Providing quality services that are mindful of social diversity including: culture, race,  ethnicity, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, political belief, religion, and physical and mental ability.
  2. Providing individualized program planning. Together, we will create a program of services just for you.
  3. Supporting you to find a job that complies with the Employment Standards Act, which protects employees against financial exploitation.
  4. Taking reasonable steps to ensure your understanding of: our programs and services and their limitations, the dispute resolution process, and the qualifications of the staff person assigned to you.
  5. Protecting the confidentiality of your records and sensitive information.
  6. Providing you with a safe and welcoming environment free from abuse, discrimination and harassment.

Client Rights

As a client at Open Door Group you will have:

  1. Freedom from discrimination1, harassment, and abuse (including neglect, assault and deliberate humiliation).
  2. Privacy and reasonable confidentiality2
  3. Reasonable access to information concerning yourself and your file3
  4. Access to qualified staff and services that meet professional standards, the outcomes of which may be evaluated with you.
  5. The ability to give informed consent and take part in decisions about your future.
  6. The ability to participate in voluntary research that falls within the guidelines of established ethical standards and will not jeopardize your privacy.
  7. Access to the community and other community services available to you.
  8. Freedom to speak up for yourself, or to have someone else speak for you.
  9. The ability to raise issues of concern and resolve disputes without fear of retaliation through the confidential Dispute Resolution Process4
  10. Freedom from financial and other exploitation or retaliation.
  11. The obligation to report immediately to management any abusive behaviour, discrimination or harassment which you have witnessed or are aware of.


  1. As per the BC Human Rights Code, RSBC 1996, c. 2010
  2. Proper authorities will be informed in the case of information being illegal, information related to a crime, and information concerning the safety of a person under the legal age.
  3. As per the Freedom of Information and Privacy of Protection Act, RSBC 1996. c. 165
  4. Issues that may give rise to disputes include, but are not limited to: Access, timeliness and effectiveness of programs and services; dealing with staff, management or volunteers; health and safety, and harassment, discrimination and abuse.

Our Full Dispute Resolution Policy

Our Dispute Resolution Form