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Priya’s Story

by Mar 9, 2018Client Spotlight, EPBC, Sechelt & Gibsons

When Priya first came to Gibsons, BC in 2015, she felt hopeless.

She had been living in Saskatchewan for two and a half years with her husband and three year-old daughter and when her husband was transferred to the coast, she knew it was time to start looking for work in their new community. However, she didn’t know where to start.

In India, Priya had an education in microbiology and chemistry, and had experience working in pharmaceuticals and as a school teacher. Even with her impressive background, she said, “I came to Sunshine Coast WorkBC 200% sure I wouldn’t find something in my field… I felt very hopeless.”

However, with an enormous amount of determination and dedication, Priya was able to make the impossible, possible.

“I came to Sunshine Coast WorkBC 200% sure I wouldn’t find something in my field…I felt very hopeless.”

Before coming to the Gibsons WorkBC Centre, Priya had applied for many different jobs with no response. She knew this was because she didn’t understand the local job market or how to write a “Canadian” resume. She felt lost and alone until she met her case manager, Jessica.

Jessica arranged for Priya to attend several workshops where Priya developed interview, resume writing, and networking skills and learned how to tap into the hidden job market. With her new found skills, hard work, and guidance from Jessica, Priya was able to achieve not only her short-term goal of working as a cashier at IGA, but her long-term goal as well.

Priya wanted to work at IGA because she it was a good opportunity to build her English skills and learn more about Canadian culture and her community. She could also learn cash-handling skills which would move her closer to her long-term goal of working at RBC. With Jessica’s support, Priya was able to sercure a job at IGA quickly. After nine months of working there, she began to feel more confident in her English and more fascinated by her new community.

While working at IGA, Priya continued to work closely together with Jessica to apply for a position at the RBC. However, Jessica also encouraged Priya to keep networking to see if she could meet someone from Howe Sound Pulp and Paper (HSPP) and find a position in her field.

Armed with stellar networking skills, sheer determination, and Jessica’s unwavering support, Priya was able meet some of the staff at HSPP, book a tour of the mill, and even get an inside reference. Not long after that, Priya received the offer to work as a Quality Control Coordinator at HSPP. Now, she does what she loves.

Finding work has helped Priya to feel accomplished again.

“Not having a job was harder than being away from my family in India.”

Before finding a foothold in the job market, she felt depressed, demoralized, and purposeless without a job to go to each day. She said “not having a job was harder than being away from my family in India.”

Now, Priya is happy, confident, and independent. She loves her new country and being able to do work that she is passionate about. She is very grateful for her new happiness and thankful for Jessica’s encouragement and support because, she says, “without it, I wouldn’t have made it this far.”