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In a world where diversity and inclusion are gaining increasing recognition, Open Door Group is thrilled to unveil the launch of the STRIDES program. This exciting initiative marks the next chapter following the resounding success of the Opportunities Fund.

According to Nicole Allen, Open Door Group Director of Employment and Disability Services: “STRIDES, an acronym for Solution-focused, Training, and Recruitment promoting Inclusive and Diverse Employment Success, is designed to provide comprehensive support individuals with disabilities on their journey towards sustainable and meaningful employment, self-employment, and career advancement.”

STRIDES’s primary objectives are threefold:

  • STRIDES aims to assist individuals with disabilities by equipping them with the necessary resources and support to prepare for, secure, and sustain employment. Through these efforts, the team strives to enhance their economic participation and foster greater independence.
  • The STRIDES team endeavors to support employers in creating diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplaces. By offering a comprehensive range of hands-on support, the team assists businesses to tap into the talent and potential of individuals with disabilities.
  • The STRIDES team is committed to supporting the career advancement of persons with disabilities who are already employed, helping them gain valuable knowledge, experience, and essential skills to progress in their careers or assume additional responsibilities.

Tailoring their approach to the unique needs of each individual, the STRIDES program offers an extensive array of services aimed at facilitating participants’ integration into the labor market. These services include, but are not limited to, employment counseling, employment preparation and employability activities, job placement assistance, job search support, wage subsidies, job coaching, and employer awareness initiatives to encourage the hiring of persons with disabilities.

One of the key strengths of the STRIDES program is their dedicated team, comprised of passionate professionals who are committed to making a difference. The STRIDES team serves the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Thompson, and Kootenay regions, including remote areas where employment resources may be limited.

To join STRIDES program, participants must self-identify as having a permanent or recurring physical, mental, neurodevelopmental, or any other disability that restricts their ability to perform daily activities. Additionally, participants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or have been granted refugee status in Canada. It is also essential that participants are legally entitled to work in Canada and require assistance in preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining employment or self-employment, or advancing in their careers.

For more information about the STRIDES program, we invite you to connect with the team at strides@opendoorgroup.org. Please join and support STRIDES to empower individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential in the workforce.

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