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Gardengate May Plant Sales

Gardengate May Plant Sales

Certified organic bedding plants grown by Gardengate participants and volunteers!

Things to know:

  • Orders are PICK UP ONLY. There will be no shipping or delivery (some things on the website we have used could not be edited and could cause confusion).
  • Payment will occur when you pick up your order. We prefer debit payment but cash or cheque will be accepted. We do not accept credit cards.
  • Our sales site tracks inventory and will inform you when things are sold out. However, with the nature of living stock, some plants may not be viable for sale when it is time to fill orders. We will do our best to ensure that the items you order are healthy and your order is filled to completion.
  • Sales are just one part of our program. If you reach out to us, please give us time to get back to you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Questions? email gardengatesales@opendoorgroup.org

Gardengate Virtual Grand Opening

Gardengate Virtual Grand Opening

You’re invited to the virtual grand opening of the Gardengate Training Centre!

The expansion project of the Gardengate Training Centre is finally complete.

The program had been operating out of a 700 sq ft space since 2000 that was largely unusable during winter months due to lack of heat. With over thousands of people from the community visiting Gardengate each year, the program has now expanded its facility to a 2200 sq ft. building.

The space expansion allows more people to participate in the program. As well, with the new addition of a commercial kitchen, the program gives participants the opportunity to cultivate more skills such as cooking, carpentry, sales, marketing and machine maintenance.

Join us for the unveiling of the new facility on April 22nd via zoom. Once you have registered via Eventbrite, you will receive details on how to join our virtual event.

Date: Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
Time: 1:00PM
Location: Zoom (you must RSVP via Eventbrite for details)

RSVP Here:


Taylore’s Story

Taylore’s Story

Taylore was a single mother who was relatively new to living on the Sunshine Coast. Her daughter was soon starting grade 1 so she wanted to search for full time employment as her current part-time income was not sustainable.

She had a number of educational achievements, including a Bachelor of Vocational Education. In addition, she had work experience. Even so, she lacked knowledge of the local labour market and a network on the Sunshine Coast. She said, “My foot had never hit the floor looking for a job. I had always been tapped on the shoulder.” After talking to people about her search for employment, she received recommendations to go to WorkBC.

Taylore’s employment goal was full-time employment in teaching, administration or IT. Her case manager at WorkBC Sechelt recommended that she participate in the Jobs in Demand cohort that was soon starting. The program would help develop her resume and skills as well as obtain industry specific training and certificates. Early into the program, she started helping the other participants. She supported them with computer use and with their resumes and cover letters. She joked to the employment facilitator, “I want your job!”

As luck would have it, there was an opening with Open Door Group (ODG) for an employment facilitator just as the JID cohort was ending. With encouragement from her case manager, the JID facilitator and the other JID participants, Taylore applied for the position. She was hired, initially on a casual contract, which became full-time within a few months. Taylore recently completed 52 week of sustainable employment at the end of December 2020.

“I’ve never believed there are no jobs out there – and I’m from Newfoundland! You just have to go out and find them. When luck meets opportunity, you have a new challenge to pursue.”

Employer Webinar Series

Employer Webinar Series

Register to learn about the free services that WorkBC offers employers

Vancouver City Centre and Sea to Sky WorkBC is hosting a monthly webinar for employers on the WorkBC wage subsidy program. Attend one of the sessions to learn more about WorkBC services for employers and how to specifically access the wage subsidy program.

Date: 4th Wednesday of every month
Time: 3:00PM

Register here:


Gardengate January Update

Gardengate January Update

New Gardengate Facility – Spring 2021

The Gardengate program has been working towards completion of a new facility since its groundbreaking in September 2020. The program has been operating out of a 700ft space since 2000 that is largely unusable during winter months due to lack of heat. The space expansion will allow more people to participate in the program. As well, with the new addition of a commercial kitchen, the program gives participants the opportunity to cultivate more skills such as cooking, carpentry, sales, marketing and machine maintenance.

The launch of the new facility will take place in Spring 2021!! This will include a public open house that will be by invitation and spread out over several days to comply with pandemic restrictions. Stay tuned for the official dates and times.

Winter prep for spring!

Working at Gardengate during the winter is also very busy. You will find people participating in carpentry and small machine maintenance, as well as preparing for the new season of planting!! Yes, all of that begins in January and February so that we can enjoy a bounty from spring to fall.

Gardengate plants sales will begin in May with both online purchase and in person options. In person sales will take place Saturday May 8th and 15th from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Online sales will be announced closer to May regarding the online launch.

Mike’s Story

Mike’s Story

Mike completed Open Door Group’s Job in Demand Program in the winter of 2020.

With hopes of doing a career change, Mike came to WorkBC Kamloops to do some career exploration. He worked with Colleen, his assigned case manager, who referred him to the Open Door Group Jobs in Demand Program. The program provided industry related certificates, industry specific soft and essential skills training for the workplace. In addition, the program provides a personalized plan to support career success and employability skills training such as resume and cover letter development. Upon completion of the program, Mike was successful in landing a full time position at Mustard Seed. He now works as a peer support worker in the Men’s Supported Living Program for men in recovery. Way to go Mike!

“I would recommend this program to any person looking for a career change that is unemployed but has job ready skills. The service and support from the facilitators, to the case managers, to the support staff at WorkBC was phenomenal. They have genuine care and concern for each client and set us up for success based on our own personal employment goals.”

Jackie’s Story

Jackie’s Story

Jackie* had a long term role in the city and had moved to a smaller town that would require a long commute. She found it challenging to find an equivalent job close to her new home. Jackie came to WorkBC Squamish looking for assistance with her job search and to explore training opportunities in a new industry. She received support and guidance in her job search strategy, from learning how to optimize her resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to improving her interview skills. In addition, Jackie’s employment advisor helped her learn the value of the skillset she possessed that could transfer to other industries. Furthermore, she learned the value of confidence and marketing oneself. Once Jackie began her job search with a new strategy under her belt, she found greater success than she thought possible.

*name changed
This role is exactly where I want my career to go… I truly could not have attained this position if it wasn’t for all of the support and training I received from you and the WorkBC team (there were over 200 applicants!). You have given me the required tools to prepare a cover letter and resume that gets noticed and confidence in explaining who I am and why I should be hired in the interviews. Also, I had the confidence going in to successfully negotiate a higher salary! I think there is a misconception that the WorkBC programs are only for “blue-collar” type positions. It needs to be better known that your program is for everyone.