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Open Door Group is hiring for a new Chief Operating Officer!

The mission of Open Door Group (Est. 1976) is “Opening Doors to Lifelong Learning and Career Success. ODG delivers a range of programs and services to support over 4,000 individuals annually to find and sustain meaningful employment and/or meaningful community connections. As one of Canada’s Certified Great Places to Work, ODG prides itself on modeling a culture of compassion for others and authenticity. Our core values are based on the genuine belief that all individuals can succeed and are the drivers of their own success.

ODG has an annual budget of over $25 million and a staff contingent of over 115 FTEs. In addition, ODG is responsible for the supervision of over 50 partner staff. ODG provides employment and learning services in 11 locations throughout BC. We are now looking for a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) to join our team!

Below please find a brief summary on the position:

Under the general direction of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for leading and managing a comprehensive array of services and programs. The COO will review on an ongoing basis services being offered and will develop, or redevelop, new/existing programs as needs emerge. The COO will be responsible for all activities pertaining to output and outcome performance, personnel, finance, and contracts. The COO will inform the CEO of all program issues and accomplishments. The COO will build strong relationships and partner with peers—the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Directors of Human Resources, Information Technology, and Corporate Communications—while also being responsible for all program planning, organizing, operating, and staffing. The COO is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the program aspects of the annual budget in conjunction with the CFO and CEO. The COO is responsible for ensuring that Open Door Group programs and services adhere to all federal, provincial, funding, and city regulations, certifications, and licensing requirements. Finally, the COO will assist the CEO in setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth, planning, organizing, and implementing public and private fund-raising initiatives and is a key member of the proposal writing team for existing contracts.

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