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A Canadian company with 250 locations across Canada, Kal Tire has been working with our Kamloops team to meet their recruitment needs for several years. As a business, Kal Tire experiences spikes of seasonal demand as local residents switch from winter tires to summer tires and back, so much of their hiring is seasonal.

We work with them to help them find the right candidates for their business philosophy: individuals who are bondable, physically able to do the job, have great customer services skills, and have the flexibility to work long hours from time to time. Because Kal Tire is focused on hiring staff who have the right skills and the right attitude, and willing to train on the job, we have also been able to help them leverage our services to create opportunities for diverse candidates while meeting their HR objectives.

Since the beginning of our partnership, we have been able to match Kal Tire with 7-8 candidates to fill seasonal positions. Some of the top candidates have gone on to be hired into full time positions where they continue to contribute to the company today.