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Daisy’s Story

Mar 30, 2018 | Client Spotlight, EPBC, Lillooet

Like most people, Daisy and her partner moved to a small town looking for peace. However, their circumstances were a little different – Daisy faced many physical challenges and they both shared hearing impairments. Moving to a new town, physical challenges and a hearing loss can make it difficult to find work but that did not discourage Daisy. She was still determined to find something as long as she could find someone to accommodate her needs.

Daisy found it difficult living in a rural community without a driver’s license and so she relied on her partner to drive her places. Daisy depended on her partner for other things as well such as communication. She was only able to speak a very little and relied on sign language and her partner to help make herself understood. Daisy knew that the ideal work place would allow both herself and her partner to work together as a team, but she knew this would be challenging.

“Daisy knew that the ideal work place would allow both herself and her partner to work together as a team, but she knew this would be challenging.”

In her search for part-time employment, Daisy found herself at Open Door Group where she was able to meet with a Vocational Counselor and an Employment Advisor. Here, they helped Daisy complete various assessments which clarified her employment goals and allowed the Vocational Counselor to identify the best approach when finding suitable work places for Daisy. After that, Moon, the Employment Advisor, continued to meet with Daisy to learn more about what would be the best next steps. They both agreed that in order to reintegrate Daisy back into the workforce and to help her learn more about the community, it would be best to find an Unpaid Work Experience Placement.

For one month, Daisy partook in an Unpaid Work Experience Placement in a plant nursery where she gained many gardening and horticulture skills and became more comfortable in her community. After her work placement, Daisy and the Job Developer began reviewing different businesses in the community to see what kind of employers Daisy was interested in the most. Through this review, Daisy was able to identify a few employers she wanted to work with but she confided to the Job Developer that she would feel the most comfortable in a position where her partner could work alongside her to provide sign language interpretation. It was here when Moon and the Job Developer offered their full support in finding positions for the two of them, and they soon found a customized employment position that matched all of Daisy’s needs. Now, they just had to see if they would match the employer’s needs as well.

Together, Daisy, her partner and the Job Developer all met with the owners of a small bakery in town to see if they would be a good fit for one another and they were. The owners believed the duo would be a great match for their business and they were eager to hire them on as kitchen helpers and cleaners.

In the end, not only were Daisy and her partner able to find work with an employer who could accommodate their desire to work less than part-time due to Daisy’s physical needs, they were thrilled to be able to work together and support one another on and off the job. Also, the bakery was able to find two pairs of hand-working hands who contribute greatly to the successful operations of their business.