Our expertise is providing client-centered service to help people achieve employment or community attachment.

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Join us in celebrating the successes of incredible individuals who allowed Open Door Group to be a part of their journey.

A Letter to Open Door Group

I want to thank you for believing I could succeed and for giving me so much support.

The training you gave me was always out of reach but because you made it happen I have climbed to the top in my career. After training I got my first permanent full-time job as a long-haul trucker in April of 2014 driving between British Columbia and Alberta.

Exactly two years later, in April of 2016 I leased my own tractor and became an owner-operator. I now operate my own Mack semi-tractor and I'm doing full-time long-haul work in the same BC-AB lanes.

You helped me fulfill a dream,

Paul S

Jamie has been struggling in securing sustainable employment since 1999. He has been a casual part time employee and was living in a shelter home, barely struggling to make ends meet each month. He has a limited network within the community and finding another job that is full-time and permanent, was definitely a big challenge. In the past couple months, Jamie was feeling extremely anxious and stressed about his employment and income situation to a point where he was not able to even stay at a shelter or afford any food.

Jamie decided to explore WorkBC's services in hopes of securing employment and changing his current housing and living situation. At our offices in Vancouver, we searched different opportunities that interest him. When we discovered a position at Mr. Lube, we were excited because Jamie has always had an interest in working with cars, but no experience. We spoke to the employer and discussed Jamie´s situation and his interest in learning working in the industry. We have arranged for a mock interview to better prepare Jamie for his real time interview, then customized his resume to highlight the skills he possessed that related to the current position.

Jamie aced the interview with tremendous feedback and was hired on the spot. He was offered five days training where he passed it and remains at Mr. Lube. Jamie´s life has changed and he's back on track.

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