Our area of expertise is providing client-centered service to help people achieve employment or community attachment.

Open Door Group offers a wide selection of programs and services across British Columbia.

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Open Door Group Delivers the Employment Program of BC for Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Sechelt, Kamloops, Oliver, and Lillooet

Open Door Group works with several service provider partners to deliver the new Employment Program of BC in Vancouver Downtown Eastside, Sechelt, Kamloops, Oliver, and Lillooet. We  also support several Employment Service Providers in other communities across the Lower Mainland and Interior of British Columbia.

The Employment Program of BC  makes it easier for people to find work and provide stability for their families through a wide range of integrated employment services and supports. The  program replaced four provincially funded employment programs and six programs funded under the Canada-BC Labour Market Development Agreement with an integrated approach for British Columbians needing services.

To learn more about the Employment Program of BC and connect with your local WorkBC Employment Services Centre in the communities that Open Door Group and our partners are serving, check out the following websites:

Vancouver DTES: www.vancouverdtesesc.ca
Kamloops: www.kamloopsesc.ca
Oliver: www.oliveresc.ca
Sechelt: www.secheltesc.ca
Lillooet: www.lillooetesc.ca

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@opendoorgroup.org or toll free at 1-866-377-3670. You can also find out more about the Employment Program of BC including where your nearest WorkBC Employment Service Centre will be as of April 2nd, 2012, by visiting www.WorkBCCentres.ca.

Call Toll Free 1-866-377-3670