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ASPIRE, the Customized Employment Program, is funded by the BC Ministry of Social Development.  ASPIRE focuses on creating employment opportunities for persons with developmental, neurological, mental health (including Autism Spectrum Disorder), and learning disorders or other cognitive conditions as the primary contributing barriers to employment and self-sufficiency. ASPIRE individualizes the employment relationship between employees and employers in ways that meet the needs of both with the objective of Real Work for Real Pay.

No cost to eligible participants.


Discovery Services

ASPIRE´s Discovery phase is spent engaging with the job seeker to explore unique needs, abilities and interests, as well as complexities and challenges.

This is accomplished through OBSERVATION, PARTICIPATION and CONVERSATION with participants, their friends, family, past co-workers, colleagues, and any past or present support workers to better understand personal themes of the participant.

At the end of Discovery, a Vocational Profile and Management Plan is created that identifies situations in which a participant can be most successful, and aids in the customization of an employment relationship that will foster success.

Employment Services

The primary outcome of the Employment Services phase is placement and sustained employability through paid work or self-employment - Real Work for Real Pay.

In this phase, the Employment Placement Specialist represents the job seeker to an employer based on the employment goal established during the Discovery Phase. An individualized position is negotiated with the employer based on the needs, strengths, and interests of the participant while simultaneously accommodating the needs of the employer.

Job Coaching Services

A Job Coach works directly with the participant and employer at the placement site to help with the transition into the customized position. Job Coaching is time limited and intended to taper off gradually to encourage the transition of ´natural supports´ as identified by the participant during Discovery. ´Natural supports´ are positive relationships, both social and work-related, that develop over time in the work environment.

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